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This page contains a timer which displays how much time is remaining in any given period, but defaults to the current period in the school's schedule

Clicking on an arrow will scroll through the schedule for that day. If you go to a future period, the timer displays how much time remains until that period starts

Under the timer is an information board where new updates and important information will be listed


This page contains a color-coded calendar that shows each schedule for every day of the year

Clicking on a day will display its schedule


These are a way to customize your SchedLink experience and can be located in the Theme Shop

There are two ways to unlock a theme: Solving its respective puzzle or using points


Points are collected passively by simplying using SchedLink

Every 5 consecutive days a user uses SchedLink, they get additional bonus points

If a user misses a day, their streak is stunted at their last log in (NOTE: This does NOT include eLearning or No School days)

These points can be used to skip puzzles and unlock themes directly, and are found in the Theme Shop

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